Basic Questions and Answers


Who Can Come?

Everyone is welcome at Concordia.  

If you are new, just come on in and know we love having you with us!

A story would help here.  A few years ago, pastor saw a young man with a lot of tattoos.  The man asked pastor if it was okay that he stand at the door and watch the service, because he didn't feel a tattooed person would be welcome.  Pastor brought him in and sat him in the front row - saying he was as welcome as any.

Come- be part of our family!

Do I Have to Dress Up?

Some people come to church wearing a shirt and tie, others come wearing shorts and a t-shirt. We would ask that what you're wearing not be distracting or have inappropriate language or pictures.

What If I Don't Understand Everything Going On?

All of our service is designed to teach people about Jesus.  Some of it is more intuitive, some more instructive.  Some things you see, others you hear.  Some are symbolic, and affect the heart more than the mind.

If you have a question, feel free to ask the pastor or one of the elders.  We love to share how these things point us to Jesus, because then we remember and value them as well!

What Kind of Music Will I hear?

You will find all different styles of music at Concordia, from ancient hymns to contemporary songs.  The words of our liturgy that we sing are the historic words as well, though we sing them to music that is designed so that everyone can sing.

The same for what instruments are played.  We will use our organ on occasion, but normally you will hear a violin, keyboard, guitars, a bass, and our choir accompanying our singing..

Do You Have Services in Other Languages

Yes we do!  We have church service and bible studies in Mandarin, and a Bible Study in Tagalog.

Have other questions?

Please let us know, and we will answer them and add them to our questions and answers!