We Have Peace: We Trust in God


Why We Need to Trust in God (The Ten Commandments)

When God created us, He created us in His image, with the intent of living in relationship with us. That relationship is described in what we call the 10 Commandments. (see Exodus, chapter 20 in the Bible.) But we don't always live that way, causing the brokenness in our lives and in other's lives.

God has promised to repair that damage, and we trust Him to do so!

Why We Trust in Him (The Creed)

A Creed is simply what we believe. The older Christian Creed is the Apostles Creed, where it describes the relationship God had, has and will have with us. It talks about His creating us, His restoring us from brokenness and how we live in His presence. 

Knowing His presence, His promises and His work is why we trust Him

How We Trust Him (The Lord's Prayer)

Jesus taught us to pray, and in doing so showed us how to trust God our Father with our lives.
Not just to bless us, but to help us in times of need, in times where we need to forgive, and know we are forgiven, to be strengthened against temptation, and to desire His will to be seen and done in our lives.

How Trusting God Begins (Baptism)

Scripture describes our brokenness because of sin as being dead.  For as we sin, we break relationships, and we find ourselves robbed of life by sin, and the guilt, shame and even resentment it oppresses us with. 

In Baptism, God unites us with the death of Jesus, but as well with His resurrection.  We become "born again" and in this new life we learn how trustworthy God is.

How Trust Is Restored ( Private Confession and Absolution)

Scripture (1 John 1:9) tells us if we say we haven't sinned (that we aren't broken) we are only deceiving ourselves.  But when we confess those sins, God cleanses us of our sin, and all that isn't just and right.  
He restores us, and heals us of our brokenness!  As we hear those words, "you are forgiven" the power of sin and the shame and guilt it causes is lifterdfrom us!  

In John's gospel, chapter 20, this responsibility was given to those who pastor God's people.  If you are so burdened with guilt and shame, if you want to experience this healing, come talk to our pastor.

How trust is Nurtured (the Eucharist/Lord's Supper)

There is something special about having friends over for dinner, to share in a meal and life together.  Part of our worship service that is an incredible blessing is when God invites us to share in a meal - a meal of a little bread and wine, which is the Body and Blood of Jesus.

We do so as God reminds us of the relationship (the new covenant) the depth of His love and that our sins are truly forgiven.


The above six points are quick summaries of what is taught in the Small Catechism, something written by Martin Luther to help people know what they believe, and why they trust (have faith in God)  We would love to sit down with you and explain it more  Just let us know when you are available!