Sunday 9/8 Are you ready to walk with Jesus?

Sunday 7/7 Center Stage: The Cross

Sunday 6/30 Get off your "But" and come follow jesus!

Sunday, 6/23 Relive your deliverance

Sunday Service 6/2/19 "As Much AS"

Sunday Service 5/26/2019

Easter Sunday Service (with Bob Bennett)

The Second Wednesday of Lent: The Joy of the Delivery

Ash Wednesday: The Joy of Finding Refuge

Don't Worry! Be Catching 2/10 worship service

Christ's Glory Revealed. Service based on Luke 2

Warning? About the Gospel?

God's Mystery: 1/6/19

Be Filled with Joy! Sunday 12/16

Let Nothing You Dismay III: The Day of Delight is Near!

Let Nothing you Dismay Week II: The Day of Returning

Let Nothing you Dismay: The Day of Promise is Coming

Christ the King Sunday Faith in Action Finale

Faith in Actions 11/4 Combined Service English/Mandarin