Who Are We?


We Are People Who Trust in God

First and foremost, we find our identity defined by our relationship with God. We are the Father's children, Jesus calls us His friends, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

And God has caused all of this, as He has taken us and made us His own, as He desires to do for everyone.

We Are Diverse

We aren't a group that has much in common, besides our relationship with God.  We come from 5 continents, from places like Germany and Guyana, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, California, the Philippines and even Boston.  We have children and people in their nineties, we have people from all over the economic spectrum.  Some are perfectly healthy, others struggle with cancer or heart disease, or just aging.  

What makes us family, what unites us is God's work and the peace that results.

All Are Welcome

Some people think you have to be perfect, you have to have your act together to be part of a church.

That's not true here.  All are welcome, just as you are.  No need to say "just fine" if someone asks how you are doing, we actually would like to know!

Sometimes we can offer help, sometimes it is just a hug as we cry with you.  (sometimes...okay often... we laugh together as well!

Come join us, as we journey through life together with God guiding us, comforting us, and causing us to dwell in His peace!


Check back as we share the stories of those who have found God at work in their lives, and have come to know peace!