Message from Pastor Dt

The Lord is With You!

Welcome to our website, and hopefully soon to our church.

Whether you come to a Sunday Morning Service, or a Bible Study, you will hear that blessing, and often.

It is what helps us remember that God is sustaining us, that God is working in our lives, comforting us, cleansing us, healing us.  As we dwell with Him we come to realize a peace that is not explainable, even when everything is chaotic around us.

That's important for you to know, and we all need to be reminded of it often me.  

That is why the congregation responds to that blessings with, "and also with you!"

That is why we share those words so much, and they really describe why we have hope and peace.

Some come join us, become part of our community...and if you have any questions, or concerns, please ask away!

God's peace!


P.S.  You can find my sermons and a devotional writings at